Two injured in shootout in Holiday

Published April 21, 2007

HOLIDAY - Gunman No. 1 fired and missed. Gunman No. 2 shot back, hitting Gunman No. 1 in the forearm, leg and chest. A third man took a bullet in the arm. All three had gone by morning, leaving the concrete stained with blood.

The shootout happened just before 10 p.m. Thursday at 3529 Devonshire Drive, according to a sheriff's incident report. In the copy released to the media, both gunmen's names were blacked out.

A witness found Gunman No. 1 lying in the front doorway of the ramshackle ranch house in Beacon Square, bleeding from the chest. The witness applied pressure to the wound until rescuers arrived to airlift Gunman No. 1 to an undisclosed hospital.

Neither his condition nor the condition of the other wounded man was known on Friday. But sheriff's spokesman Doug Tobin said both were expected to survive.

No arrest had been reported by Friday afternoon, and Gunman No. 2 remained at large. No one answered the door at 3529 Devonshire, and no one had cleaned up the bloodstains.

They were on the front walk, in the threshold and in the screen on the front door. Ten paces east on the sidewalk, they formed the shape of a lariat.

Across the street, Joyce Lewis scanned the front wall of her house for bullet holes.

"The traffic over there is terrible," she said of the house where the shooting happened. "Especially at the beginning of the month, when people get their paychecks."

Indeed, Lt. Robert Sullivan of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said the house is a known emporium for illegal drugs.

Lewis, 60, has lived in the neighborhood 26 years. The thought of the shooting made her cry.

"I'm all alone here," she said, "and I'm scared to death."

She does have Duke, a fearsome German Shepherd, who lunged at a reporter and might have broken the skin if she hadn't yanked him away just in time.

Intruders beware.

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Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to call Detective Jason Hatcher of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office at 1-800-854-2862, ext. 7481.