Dateline Florida

Published April 25, 2007


You could call him a tonsorial consultant, but Carl Troup, the St. Petersburg man who cuts Gov. Charlie Crist's hair, prefers a simpler title: barber. Yet Troup (pronounced troop) can be found under the phone listing Northeast Pyramid. Still, after the St. Petersburg Times contrasted John Edwards' haircut with the $9 Troup charges Crist, his phone started ringing. "I've got about six new customers today already," Troup said.

Real Captain America is rolling in his grave

It began innocently enough. A busload of medical professionals dressed as superheroes filled a Melbourne restaurant and bar Saturday for a party. But it ended with all the Captain Americas in a police lineup in the parking lot, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Palm Harbor internist Raymond Adamcik wound up arrested after police say he approached a woman with a burrito in his hand, said foul things and groped her. They say he also tried to flush marijuana down a toilet. "I guess when you add liquor and superhero costumes, it creates stuff like this," said Darlene Munson, owner of the On Tap Cafe & Lounge.

Fake FCAT site pops up on Web searches

Parents beware. There's at least one fake Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Web site popping up in some Internet browsers, and its goal is commercial, not educational. The state is sending a warning letter to parents today before release of FCAT writing scores. The correct site is www. fcatparentnetwork.com, and parents should use the log-in and password provided by their schools.