All-Hernando County Athletic Conference Teams

Published April 26, 2007

All-Hernando County Athletic Conference Teams

These teams aren't picked by the Times, but by the county's four public school coaches in each sport.


Co-Players of the Year: Chris Bossio, Nature Coast and Tim Hennigan, Springstead

Coach of the Year: Craig Swartout, Springstead

Chris Bossio, Nature Coast

Mike Dudek, Nature Coast

Josh Ortiz, Nature Coast

Ford Manuel, Hernando

Todd Goetz, Hernando

Darryn Frazier, Central

Louis Piccolo, Central

Tim Hennigan, Springstead

Ethan Selph, Springstead

Dante Valentine, Springstead

Nehimiah Mason, Springstead


Player of the Year: Cherikhan Waddy, Nature Coast

Coach of the Year: Jason Montgomery, Nature Coast

Cherikhan Waddy, Nature Coast

Jessica Eberts, Nature Coast

Shareka Maner, Nature Coast

Lauren Wajerski, Nature Coast

April Griffey, Hernando

Jessica Carnette, Hernando

Ronisha Browdy, Central

Tikeisi Relaford, Central

Courtney LeCours, Central

Hilary Fiocca, Springstead

Lyndsay Riddle, Springstead


Wrestler of the Year: Schuyler Swanton, Springstead

Coach of the Year: Eric Swensen, Springstead

103 - Dustin Soto, Springstead

112 - Schuyler Swanton, Springstead

119 - Steven Bliss, Springstead

125 - Skylar Huff, Springstead

130 - C.J. Cook, Springstead

135 - Vince Ramirez, Central

140 - Gilbert Perez, Central

145 - Tim Ball, Hernando

152 - Thad Klenovich, Springstead and Miguel Molina, Central

160 - Brandyn Kuhn, Hernando

171 - James Davidson, Hernando

189 - Mike Heagney, Springstead

215 - Taylor Rotunda, Hernando

HWT -Carlos Ramirez, Springstead


Player of the Year: Jason Bowie, Springstead

Coach of the Year: Sal Calabrese, Springstead

Alex Beiswenger, Central

Joel Beiswenger, Central

Greg Ressel, Central

Jacob Grey, Central

Lance Vandervoort, Hernando

Cody Washburn, Hernando

Garrett Karp, Nature Coast

Ian MacLean, Nature Coast

Nick Allegra, Nature Coast

Jason Bowie, Springstead

Matt Fernandez, Springstead

Peter Micelli, Springstead

McKenzie Olivares, Springstead

Peter Micelli, Springstead

Preston Shutts, Springstead

Darren Kosheffsky, Springstead


Player of the Year: Angela Passafaro, Springstead

Coach of the Year: Polo Furlong, Springstead

Anika Wessel, Hernando

Ashely Germain, Hernando

Brittany McDonald, Nature Coast

Cassandra Freeman, Nature Coast

Taylor Reese, Nature Coast

Sarah Berberian, Nature Coast

Ashley Custodio, Central

Kady McCandless, Central

Taylor Kupcik, Central

Taylor McKinne, Central

Jen DeFrancesco, Springstead

Christina Anthony, Springstead

Angela Passafaro, Springstead

Christina Passafaro, Springstead

Nicki Faulkner, Springstead


Lifter of the Year: Christine Alberts, Springstead

Coach of the Year: Cecilia Page, Springstead

101 - Emily Calamari, Hernando

110 - Hailey Goodwin, Central

119 - Amanda Warren, Central

129 - Katelyn Killary, Springstead

139 - Samantha Pankow, Hernando

154 - Jessica Jufko, Nature Coast

169 - Brittany Roundtree, Hernando

183 - Christine Alberts, Springstead

199 - Katie Shirley, Central

UNL - Jonisha Jackson, Central