Dateline Florida

Published April 26, 2007


IMAX is coming to BayWalk. The BayWalk 20 Muvico theater in downtown St. Petersburg will open its new IMAX theater by May 4 - just in time for the release of Spider-Man 3. It will be one of three new IMAX theaters to open over the next year. Some 280 IMAX theaters operate in 40 countries.

Think before you stop

There are ways to discipline ill-mannered students on a school bus. Then there's the method used by Nathaniel Rivers, a second-year driver for the Pinellas system. When students reclined in their seats, Rivers got their attention by slamming the brakes while going about 15 mph. One student complained of back and head pain but didn't need medical care. Rivers told investigators he wanted to show students what could happen if they didn't sit correctly. This week, he was suspended without pay for 10 days.

How did he do on the FCAT?

A tip for would-be robbers: Don't leave a receipt. A masked man robbed an Orlando Hess station Monday, the Associated Press reports. But the robber left a gun case behind. Inside: a receipt for a new AK-47 assault rifle made out to Eric Cunningham. Deputies found Cunningham, 18, at his apartment a few miles away. He was arrested on a charge of armed robbery with a firearm while wearing a mask. "Obviously, he wasn't a member of the MENSA society," said sheriff's spokeswoman Susan Soto.