Sunnis, Shiites split response to U.S. Congress

Published April 28, 2007


Iraqis appeared divided along sectarian lines over Thursday's Senate approval of House-passed legislation calling for U.S. troops to begin leaving Iraq by Oct. 1. "This is a wrong move by the Democrats, " said Muhei Hadi, Shiite municipal counselor in Baghdad. "The U.S. forces must stay in Iraq until Iraqi forces are really qualified to face terrorists. I hope that Bush will use his veto." Wisam Abdullah, 28, a Sunni restaurant owner in Basra, said: "All Iraqis want the U.S. Army to leave our country."


Spanish judge indicts U.S. soldiers

A judge indicted three U.S. soldiers Friday in the 2003 death of a Spanish journalist who was killed when their tank opened fire at a hotel in Baghdad. Sgt. Shawn Gibson, Capt. Philip Wolford and Lt. Col. Philip DeCamp were charged with homicide in the death of Jose Couso and "a crime against the international community." Couso, worked as a cameraman for the Spanish TV network Telecinco.


Charged officer: Army Lt. Col. William H. Steele, the U.S. officer accused of aiding the enemy for allegedly providing an unmonitored cell phone to detainees is a 51-year-old from Virginia, the military said Friday.

Violence: The U.S. military said three U.S. Marines were killed Thursday in fighting in Anbar province. At least 19 people were reported killed or found dead by police nationwide.