One Voice

An occasional series featuring people from our community in their own words.

Published May 1, 2007

The story, in his words: All I knew was that there was another dude that was big that wanted to kill me. Win or lose, the last thing I wanted anyone to say was that I could have tried harder. I wanted to empty the gas tank, and I did, past E. My dad always told me don’t go looking to pick fights. But he said that if you know you’re going to get into a fight, just hit him hard and hit him fast and win. I take after him a lot. When it was over, I probably should have thanked my gym and my trainer and stuff, but I was so out of it, all I could think of was thanking the most important person — my dad. All the trouble I got into when I was a kid ... he never stopped believing in me.  It means so much to have my dad in my corner. Before the fight I wasn’t nervous or scared. I was really, really happy. I was frustrated for years because I messed up a lot of good opportunities when I was younger. I had the chance to go play football at college, but with three games left in my senior year, I got kicked off the team for drinking. I didn’t have a lot of control. And it always ate me up. So, I got a lot off my chest that night. As soon as I hit that first punch, I was smiling.