Everything old is rockin' again

Published May 2, 2007

From hard rock guitarist to '80s pin-up pop goddess to movie score pro, Nancy Wilson has seen her music career spread in every direction. But along with her sister Ann, Nancy will always be the beating pulse of the rock band Heart.

First gaining fame in the '70s with hits such as Barracuda and again in the '80s with pop anthems including Alone, Heart has seen its music evolve. But they still stand tall today among rock's legends. The band recently re-recorded its debut album, Dreamboat Annie, during a special live performance on DirecTV. And later this month, Heart will be honored on VH1 Rock Honors in Las Vegas.

Before heading out on the road for tonight's show at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Nancy Wilson talked with tampabay.com's Stuck in the '80s podcast. Some highlights:

You rerecorded your entire debut album for DirecTV. It had to be a challenge playing some songs again for the first time in more than 30 years.

Totally. It was like learning new music all over again. It was really a blast.

In the '80s, Heart's music evolved to a pop-rock sound. And your fashion changed too. Why the changes?

It was a very much the style of the time. In our case, we thought it'd be fun to put on the lace gloves and the corsettes and the hairspray and really get into it. We had a backstage laminate that was just a frame of our two cleavages next to each other in corsettes and we called it the "Leave it to Cleavage" tour.

You still play your popular tunes from the '80s. Is that mainly for the fans?

Oh no. We don't do anything we don't love. It's a really cool show right now. We're having fun with it.

Not only do you work with your sister Ann in Heart, you're also married to director Cameron Crowe and scored some of his movies, including Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. Is it fun working with family?

We stick together. I know it's a rare thing. With Cameron, I really enjoy collaborating musically with people who I love and understand and get me, too. In that I've been really lucky because the people in my immediate family are cool.

Steve Spears and Cathy Wos are co-hosts of the Stuck in the '80s podcast. For the complete audio interview, go to blogs.tampabay.com/80s .



Heart, with Todd Rundgren, 7:30 tonight, Ruth Eckerd Hall; tickets 64.50 and $59.50; www.rutheckerdhall.com; (727) 791-7400.