Pillow talk for Ellen

Published May 3, 2007

"No, I'm not being lazy, " Ellen DeGeneres, 49, told her TV audience on Tuesday. "I'm forced to bed rest right now. . . . And, let me just start by saying I'm on pills." The comedian hurt her back and will probably be in bed for about a week, according to her doctor, the Associated Press reports. "This is not a sweeps stunt. . . . This is not like what Regis (Philbin) did - that whole bypass surgery, " she said, joking. Back to work, her first guest, Ryan Seacrest, was wheeled onstage in his own bed. "This is a first for me to be in bed with you, " the American Idol host quipped. Actor Nathan Lane appears today. The syndicated show airs weekday afternoons at 4 on WFTS-Ch. 28.