Third time a charm

An X-teamer says Spider-Man 3 is one of the best superhero films ever.

Published May 3, 2007

With so many comic book characters getting their own movies, it's difficult to sift through the good ones and the bad ones. Well, no need to worry with Spider-Man 3. It is one of the best superhero films ever.

I guess what appealed to me most was that there was so much depth in the characters. The core cast - Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, and James Franco as Harry Osborn/New Goblin - have such terrific chemistry, and it has only grown with each movie.

The action scenes were incredible. I'd have to say Spider-Man's fight with Venom (Topher Grace) was the best. I wish more fight scenes were like that one - there was no music. To me, music always distracts from the battle. When there's no music, you can hear the punches thrown, the kicks against the wall, the web zipping across the skyscrapers. That's a fun sound to hear.

Speaking of Venom, fans actually might be disappointed with him. Though his scenes were amazing, he has very few, and his voice just wasn't what I thought it might be. Venom always had a really deep, hoarse voice in the cartoons; here it was kind of normal. But don't let that throw you. He is still the sadistic bad guy we love to hate.

As for which is the best villain in the movie, it's a toss-up between Venom and Sandman (Thomas Haden Church). They are such different characters and New Goblin just doesn't come close to either of them. While Venom is both awesome and malicious, Sandman doesn't want to be a bad guy. He does it to get money for his little girl's surgery. But if I really had to chose, I would pick Venom because I've been waiting to see him for so long.

Even in such a great movie, there are a couple of things that I would change. During one part of the movie, Peter becomes really pompous and cheesy. Most of that could have been cut.

Rumors have been circulating that this may be the last in the series. If so, I liked the way they ended things. But if not, I think the ending could have been condensed. With a running time of more than two hours, kids might get a little impatient.

But these are minor problems and they should not stop you from seeing this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed Spider-Man 3.

Chase Shiflet, 14, is in eighth grade at Rampello Downtown Partnership School in Tampa.