Flowers for survivors

Published May 3, 2007

Eighth-graders Danielle Regan, left, and Amber Carnazza read a dedication to Holocaust survivor Jeannine Burke while viewing a display they and their classmates created at Largo Middle School in honor of Holocaust survivors. Regan and Carnazza are among more than 110 students who recently read The Diary of Anne Frank in Barbara Mavrelis' language arts class. While taking classes at the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Mavrelis was shocked by a photograph of discarded shoes taken from Jews in concentration camps and wanted to create a display that would honor survivors while integrating science, history and the arts. The students created the flower-filled shoes to help tell the story and remember those lost during the Holocaust. RIGHT: The marigold growing in an old sneaker was chosen to honor Holocaust survivor Solomon Radasky. The display will be on view at the school until Friday.