Today's Letters: Noise kills charm of rural Pasco

Published May 3, 2007

Boom. Pop. Pow. These are the sounds that have become part of our environment, the rural flavor as some like to call it, here in Hudson. Hearing the resonance coming from three different directions simultaneously and continuously throughout the day from dusk until dawn makes you think you could be witnessing the battle sounds of nearby skirmishes between the insurgents and the saviors. In fact, it is just friendly fire from our neighbors: the blueberry farms.

This perpetual discharging of firearms and propane-powered explosives is how our neighbors attempt to keep the wildlife away from their precious crop. Supposedly, this is the more economical alternative to utilizing nets or some other method that doesn't pollute the environment with nerve-rattling noise. We live a good quarter-mile from the nearest farm, so I can only imagine how much worse it sounds to those who live next door to these places.

The noise causes our horses to flinch, our dogs to bark and my blood to boil. Although I am lucky enough to be required to be employed elsewhere for most of each weekday, I still manage to soak up a good serving of dueling cannon shots prior to leaving our green zone in the morning and upon returning later in the day.

Granted, this is all perfectly legal according to the Pasco County officials at the Sheriff's Office and at Code Enforcement.

We cannot rely on the individual farmer to do the right thing. All that they care about is the cheapest way to accomplish their goal: shooing away birds. This is no different than the automakers that continue to mass-produce fossil fuel-burning, air-we-breathe polluting vehicles because it is more lucrative than the alternative and they are not yet required by law to change their evil ways.

This is truly a serious situation when you want to leave the area where you have built your home due to the inconsideration of others. It is difficult to enjoy the rural flavor that we moved here for in the first place when the peace and quiet no longer exists. Good luck to Pulte Homes in selling the new residences in Lakeside on Hudson Avenue; you may want to have prospective buyers don ear plugs or visit the models only at night.

I am not one to call for additional laws or ordinances, but in this case, to truly help retain the rural flavor of northwest Pasco County, something needs to be done. If there are any developers out there looking for land, give me a call.

Alan Davis, Hudson

Ballfields will affect Fox Hollow

To the residents of Fox Hollow Golf Community and Heritage Springs Golf Community, the tranquility and peacefulness of your neighborhood and your home's value is about to drastically change for the worse beginning May 10, and you may not even see it coming.

Pinellas County is holding a series of hearings to change the land use on a 101-acre site within Brooker Creek Preserve near your home for a mega-sports complex consisting of a parking area for more than 300 vehicles and six to 10 lighted ballfields with a concession stand and more.

This is where the county was going to build a water blending facility that will now be scaled back or moved to another location. But because you are Pasco County residents, you haven't been contacted.

The hearing is at 9 a.m. May 10 at the County Commission Assembly Room, fifth floor, Pinellas County Courthouse, 315 Court St., Clearwater.

Imagine the lights, noise, and loss of wildlife and nature that these ballfields will bring. Imagine what it will do to your property values and the enjoyment of your home.

Pinellas County government is also proposing to change the zoning and land use of nearly all of the property that it owns north of Keystone Road to Trinity Boulevard from preservation to another land use so that Pinellas County Utilities will be able to build future water supply infrastructures on it. The proposed site of the ballfields may be removed from the preserve to quell local environmental proponents.

I thought you should know about these important upcoming issues so that you can state your opinion to the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners and have a voice in what happens near your home. Although you are Pasco residents, the activity from ballfields will directly affect you, and removing areas of protection of Brooker Creek Preserve is an issue that knows no county boundaries: our natural environment is important to us all.

Please call or e-mail the Pinellas commissioners with your concerns. Their Web site: www.pinellascounty.org.

You can learn more about the ballfield rezoning by reading the agenda for the May 10th zoning hearing at www.pinellascounty.org/build/PDF/Agenda_zlu.pdf.

You can visit this Internet site where facts and current events of the Brooker Creek Preserve are posted regularly that affect your area: www.itsyourtimes.com/?qnode/1664.

Make your voices count!

Lenny Kuhn, New Port Richey