There are many ways to pamper your mother

Published May 4, 2007

If you are a last-minute person like me, you might still be struggling to find the perfect present for Mother's Day. A gift for the home is always a lovely and thoughtful gesture, especially if it's something from the heart. Here are some ideas that can be pulled off in a day, and are likely to make any mom smile. Present your gift over brunch with a beautiful card and a meaningful toast. What better way to honor the woman who has made the biggest difference in your life?

1. A certificate for a few hours from a professional house cleaning service.

2. A good  coffeemaker.

3. Luxurious sheets. Splurge on the 300- or 400-thread count that mom would never buy for herself.

4. A unique garden statue, sundial, birdbath or bright earthenware pots for planting flowers.

5. An indoor tabletop fountain.

6. A gift certificate to her favorite garden center, home store or kitchen store.

7. A gorgeous orchid. It's a creative alternative to a traditional bouquet and makes a great centerpiece.

8. A kitchen-window  kit.

9. High-quality wind chimes that make sweet music in the breeze.

10. Cute gardening clogs. (Anything in a bright color or with flowers attached is great!)

11. Luscious bath towels in her favorite color.

12. Aromatherapy candles (the kind that scent the whole house).

13. Good kitchen hand soap and lotion. Think lavender or lemon verbena!

14. Beautiful table linens.

15. Sarasota Modern by Andrew Weaving. It's a look at architectural treasures that are part of the Sarasota School of Architecture.

16. A hammock. (The new quilted and pillow-top varieties look great.)

17. A really comfortable featherbed.

18. A massage chair. (This is a real splurge, but honestly, it's the reason most women like getting pedicures so much.)

19. Scooba, the floor-washing robot.

20. A top-notch reading lamp. The ones that simulate natural daylight are, in my opinion, the best.

21. A paid session with a home-organizing professional.

22. A subscription to a f home decorating magazine or a good book on home decor or gardening.

23. A porch-party basket. Just fill a basket with a string of festive patio lights, pretty citronella candles, cocktail napkins, a bright outdoor tablecloth or place mats, plastic margarita glasses and a favorite fun CD.

24. An outdoor "weather-proof" art print.

25. A stress-free getaway to someone else's house. How about a one-night gift certificate to a favorite Florida bed and breakfast? What more could any mother want?

Happy Mother's Day!