Lord, help us, please no more hurricanes

By Times Staff
Published May 4, 2007

Florida senators think you should do more to prepare for hurricane season than stockpile tarps and batteries. They want you to pray. So on Thursday they set aside June 1, the first day of hurricane season, as a day of prayer. "For those of us who believe in God and prayer, we could pray that he have mercy on us and turn the hurricanes away, " said Senate Majority Leader Daniel Webster. "Or at least protect us." Democratic Sen. Nan Rich expressed some skepticism afterward. "I'm sorry, " she said, "but prayer alone isn't going to do it." The resolution, which passed by a voice vote, invokes dead U.S. presidents and urges Floridians to "pray that God would have mercy on our state." Read the resolution at blogs.tampabay.com/buzz.

Wife overboard says she's over it

All alone a quarter-mile from shore without a life jacket, Julie Talley, 45, was treading water in the Atlantic Ocean when a passing boat plucked her to safety. Once she was back on dry land Sunday, Talley told Martin County sheriff's deputies how she wound up in the ocean: She was arguing with her 40-year-old husband, Robert, when he tossed her overboard and left. But she wanted to get off anyway, she said. No harm, no foul? No dice. Despite his wife's protests, hubby was charged with domestic battery and released from jail Monday on $5, 000 bail.

Now the song is 'Speeding Banjos'

There's a world record for everything, it seems, so why not fastest banjo playing? Todd "Banjoman" Taylor established the first-time record in a solo performance of Feuding Banjos on Jan. 31. He finally received confirmation from Guinness World Records on Tuesday. The song was composed in 1955 but reached greater popularity when it was featured as Dueling Banjos in the 1972 film Deliverance. Taylor, who has received Grammy nominations in bluegrass and country categories, said he hopes to break his own record next year.

Careful, Florida is highly flammable

Wildfires continued to blaze across 2, 000 acres of Lake, Volusia and Flagler counties Thursday, causing havoc for drivers along Interstate 95 in northern Volusia and southern Flagler County, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The situation prompted Gov. Charlie Crist to declare a state of emergency. Much of the state remains on high alert for wildfires because of the continuing drought.