Money Panel

By Fred W. Wright Jr., Times correspondent
Published May 6, 2007

How did you get started in investing?

Through my 401(k) at work in 1987.

What is your best investment?

The new combined retirement funds; they seem to be doing very well.

What have you learned about investing that you think all investors should know?

My biggest thing is I tell young people to get into a 401(k) as soon as you can, especially if the company is offering matching funds. Don't turn away free money, especially if they have a long time horizon.

How would you describe your approach to investing?

I am probably, at this point, moderate, but I still try to pick funds that have a high equity content.

What do you find the most difficult about investing?

The 401(k) is easy. I must discipline myself to save externally out of the 401(k).

What changes have you made in your investments in the past year?

Got into more blended funds.

Do you think now is a good time to invest?

I have never really shied away, even when the market has taken a big hit. I've had good faith in the market and want to let it ride.

What is your goal for your investing?

I would just like to be able to retire and travel and play golf.

What is your biggest money concern?

Probably selling my house.

Where do you get your tips?

I subscribe to Money and Smart Money. And the newspaper.