Lime-green car points men in blue to suspects

Tampa police charge three in a carjacking.

Published May 6, 2007

TAMPA - A carjacked 2006 lime-green Dodge Charger proved too hard to hide - and pretty hard to steal - for two Tampa men, police say.

Acting on a tip Friday night, Tampa police searched the area of 34th and Chelsea for the vehicle that had been carjacked in Ybor City about 3 a.m.

Police spotted the car behind a fence at 4310 N 36th St., where men had been stripping it for parts, police said.

Police took four men into custody but so far have charged only three.

Henry Lakoya Jones, 26, who, according to police reports lives at the house where the car was found, was charged with dealing in stolen property and released on $7, 500 bail.

Roshawn McNeal, 19, and Darius Oshay Robinson, 20, were both charged with armed carjacking. McNeal of 2017 E Hanna Ave. is being held on $500, 000 bail.

Robinson of 912 E Yukon St. is being held on no bail with the additional charge of attempted murder.

The carjacking victim, Marion Dwight, 23, of Lakeland, fought with the carjackers, one of whom had a gun, according to an affidavit.

As the thieves drove away from 19th Street and Seventh Avenue, Dwight hung onto his car, even as the driver tried to scrape him off, twice by aiming at parked cars. Dwight eventually fell to the pavement and was taken to a local hospital with scrapes and cuts over his left eye.