23-year-old man charged in murder of 25-year-old woman

Published May 6, 2007

ST. PETERSBURG - A 23-year-old St. Petersburg man was arrested and charged in the shooting that left a 25-year-old woman dead Friday night, authorities said.

Police have charged Aaron T. Daniels with first-degree murder in the death of Amanda Lynn Fanter, also of St. Petersburg.

Daniels and another man got into an argument over child custody earlier Friday morning outside the Tanglewood Apartments on 65th Way and 54th Avenue N, according to reports. Daniels left and went home to 1116 Highland St., to get his .357-caliber handgun.

Back at the apartment complex, Daniels shot at the man, who was unidentified by authorities, but hit Fanter by accident.

She was struck once in the upper body and died in the complex's parking lot.

On Saturday, detectives were able to contact Daniels and persuade him to surrender.

The children in question did not belong to Fanter but to a friend of hers.