Last week in Iraq

Published May 6, 2007


- At least 52 people were killed or found dead April 29.

- Bombings and shootings killed at least 102 people Monday. The deadliest attack was a suicide bombing at a Shiite funeral in Khalis that killed more than 30 people.

- At least 44 people were killed or found dead Tuesday.

- At least 85 Iraqis were killed or found dead Wednesday.

- At least 52 people were killed or found dead Thursday.

- At least 38 Iraqis were killed or found dead Friday.


- U.S. troops arrested 72 suspected insurgents April 29 in Anbar and Salahuddin provinces.

- In April, 104 American service members were killed in Iraq. That was eight fewer than December's toll of 112 and the sixth-highest figure for a single month since the war started in March 2003.

- Britain's first convicted war criminal was sentenced to a year in prison and dismissed from the army Monday in connection with the death of an Iraqi hotel worker. Cpl. Donald Payne pleaded guilty to inhumane treatment of Iraqi civilians in Basra in 2003.

- The head of the British army said Monday that he had personally decided that Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne, will serve with a combat unit in Iraq.

- The U.S. military said Wednesday that its troop buildup in Baghdad was nearly complete. About 3, 700 soldiers from the 4th Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, based in Fort Lewis, Wash., arrived last week, the fourth of five brigades ordered to Baghdad by President Bush in January.

- U.S. officials said Thursday that Muharib Abdul-Latif al-Jubouri, a top al-Qaida in Iraq figure linked to kidnappings, was killed Tuesday in an operation. The announcement came after days of conflicting reports from the Iraqi government that the top leaders of the terror group and its front organization - the Islamic State of Iraq - had been killed. Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, chief U.S. spokesman, said the military did not have the bodies of al-Qaida boss Abu Ayyub al-Masri or Islamic State leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, but an Iraqi Interior Ministry said Thursday that Jubouri was also known as Baghdadi. Caldwell questioned whether Baghdadi "even exists."

- In a survey of U.S. troops in combat in Iraq, less than half of Marines and a little more than half of Army soldiers said they would report a member of their unit for killing or wounding an innocent civilian. More than 40 percent support the idea of torture in some cases, and 10 percent reported personally abusing Iraqi civilians, the Pentagon said Friday in what it called its first ethics study of troops at the war front.


- President Bush vetoed the war spending measure Tuesday because it sets a timetable for troop withdrawals. Bush called the bill "a prescription for chaos and confusion, and we must not impose it on our troops."

- The House failed Wednesday to muster enough votes to override Bush's veto.

- Iraq emerged from a conference Friday in Egypt with a promise from Arab countries to stop foreign militants from joining Iraq's insurgency. But Baghdad didn't get the debt relief it wanted, and its Sunni Arab neighbors demanded that the Shiite-led government enact tough political reforms.


As of Saturday, 3, 362 U.S. troops have died in Iraq. Identifications as reported by the U.S. military and not previously published:

- Army Spc. Matthew T. Bolar, 24, Montgomery, Ala.; explosion Thursday; Baghdad.

- Army Pfc. Brian A. Botello, 19, Alta, Iowa; explosion April 29; Baghdad.

- Marine Sgt. William J. Callahan, 28, South Easton, Mass.; combat April 27; Anbar province.

- Marine Cpl. Christopher Degiovine, 25, Lone Tree, Colo.; combat April 26; Anbar province.

- Army Pfc. John D. Flores, 21, Barrigada, Guam; small-arms fire Thursday; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Alexander J. Funcheon, 21, Bel Aire, Kan.; explosion April 29; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Felix G. Gonzalez-Iraheta, 25, Sun Valley, Calif.; small-arms fire Thursday; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Glenn D. Hicks Jr., 24, College Station, Texas; explosion and small-arms fire April 28; Salman Pak.

- Army Sgt. Michael R. Hullender, 29, Little Falls, N.J.; explosion April 28; Iskandariyah.

- Army 1st Lt. Ryan P. Jones, 23, Westminster, Mass.; explosion Wednesday; Baghdad.

- Marine Lance Cpl. Johnathan E. Kirk, 25, Belhaven, N.C.; on Tuesday from combat wounds received April 23; Anbar province.

- Army Pfc. David A. Kirkpatrick, 20, Upland, Ind.; explosion April 27; Fallujah.

- Marine 1st Lt. Travis L. Manion, 26, Doylestown, Pa.; combat April 29; Anbar province.

- Army Staff Sgt. Jay E. Martin, 29, Baltimore; explosion April 29; Baghdad.

- Army Pfc. Jay-D H. Ornsby-Adkins, 21, Ione, Calif.; explosion and small-arms fire April 28; Salman Pak.

- Army Pfc. Nicholas E. Riehl, 21, Shiocton, Wis.; explosion April 27; Fallujah.

- Army Pfc. Katie M. Soenksen, 19, Davenport, Iowa; explosion Wednesday; Baghdad.

- Army Pvt. Cole E. Spencer, 21, Gays, Ill.; explosion and small-arms fire April 28; Salman Pak.

- Army Spc. Astor A. Sunsin-Pineda, 20, Long Beach, Calif.; explosion Wednesday; Baghdad.

- Army Spc. Eddie D. Tamez, 21, Galveston, Texas; explosion April 27; Fallujah.

- Army Sgt. Norman L. Tollett, 30, Columbus, Ohio; small-arms fire April 28.

- Army 1st Lt. Colby J. Umbrell, 26, Doylestown, Pa.; explosion Thursday; Musayyib.

- Army Spc. Andrew R. Weiss, 28, Lafayette, Ind.; explosion Thursday; Baghdad.