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Published May 7, 2007

Not easy bein' green

At the Fueling Station, a blog that discusses the world's energy challenges, David Adams uses language like greenhouse gases and carbon emissions and really scary stuff like change and sacrifice. For the latest on global warming, pro and con, it's blogs.tampabay.com/energy.

The Hit List

These stories attracted your attention Sunday:

1. The Buzz: Vice President Crist.

2. Tasered 3 times: Man dies in struggle with Pinellas deputies.

3. Phil Gailey column: Iraq's fate awaits Bush's exit.

4. Grief invades prom: Dunedin High lost a friend in car accident.

5. Session review: Crist agenda takes a hit.

Vote early, often

Today's question: Mother's Day is this coming Sunday. What is Mom likely to get this year?

Wham-O: In the eyes of voters, Frisbee is still the top Wham-O toy. The Hula Hoop and Slip 'N Slide were a respectable second and third.

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