Quality of life index

Published May 7, 2007

$395,000 Approximate annual base salary of University of South Florida president Judy Genshaft, above, per a raise that will take effect in July

$650,000 Base salary in 2007 of USF head football coach Jim Leavitt

$1,117,500 Leavitt's total compensation in 2007

$463,500 Annual base salary of University of Central Florida president John C. Hitt

$1.04-million Base salary in 2007 of UCF head football coach George O'Leary

$1.5-million O'Leary's total possible compensation, with incentives, in 2007

$416,120 Annual base salary of University of Florida president Bernie Machen

$238,702 Base salary in 2007 of Florida head football coach Urban Meyer

$1,998,702 Meyer's total compensation in 2007

$309,000 Annual base salary of Florida State University president T.K. Wetherell

$234,016 Base salary of Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden

$2,023,689 Bowden's total compensation in 2006

Compiled by Jay Cridlin.

Sources: Times files, Associated Press, New York Times, USA Today, CollegeSportsReport.com


"He had no common sense, no listening skills, no compassion and on top of it all, a very angry disposition."

Melissa Langston, on the Hillsborough deputy who jailed her after she drove away from a traffic stop outside a hospital in a frantic effort to find out if her father had succeeded in driving himself to an emergency room while having a heart attack.

"Treat people well. Don't give 'em no hard time. Just tell them the truth, and they won't hurt as bad."

Lester Albury, a Hospice patient, offering some hard-won wisdom about dealing with terminally ill patients to Derek Robben, a third-year medical student at USF, who visited him at his home Seminole Heights home.

"It was like the Wizard of Oz over there."

Beleria Floyd, former community relations coordinator to Hillsborough black voters for Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson, whose job was eliminated eight months after she was hired.