It's three more years of being 'Lost'

Published May 8, 2007

As long as Hurley makes it to the end. ABC has ordered 48 more episodes of Lost, to run over three 16-episode seasons, with the series set to close in 2010, the Hollywood Reporter said Monday. Executive producers/creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have said they wanted the show to end after 100 episodes; this deal ends it after 120. The producers say they've already planned how story lines will end and praised ABC for giving them a concrete time line to work with. "We can now really map out the rest of the series in confidence, " Cuse said.

'Idol' producers quit Emmy job

American Idol producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick have decided they will not executive-produce this year's Emmy Awards, citing their busy schedules with Idol, the Hollywood Reporter said. The duties have been handed to Ken Ehrlich, who has produced 27 Grammy Awards and three Emmys. The ceremony is Sept. 16.

Gilmore girl is okay with goodbye

Lauren Graham, who plays the mom-girl role in the CW's Gilmore Girls, says she's not upset the show is ending. "I think it's the best decision for the show, " Graham told Newsweek for editions that hit newstands Monday. "One of the things Alexis (Bledel, who plays the other "girl, " her daughter) and I wished could be different was the schedule, and it really can't be." The CW announced last week that the show will end May 15 after seven seasons.