Brooksville loses favored manager candidate

Published May 8, 2007

Brooksville City Council lost its top pick for a new city manager on Monday night when Mitchell Bobowski took himself out of consideration for the job.

He made that choice after hearing that both Mayor David Pugh and council member Lara Bradburn were reluctant to accept a contract with Bobowski because of some discrepancies that had cropped up in his employment background.

Bobowski told the council it was clear that he would not have the full support of the council so he decided to withdraw from the consideration. He also voiced concern about the proposed financial considerations in the proposed contract. The starting salary was set at $75,000.

The city now turns to its second pick, Jennene Norman-Vacha, to negotiate a contract. The City Council had chosen Bobowski by a narrow margin last week, with Norman-Vacha coming in a close second.