Today's Letters: Thank you during my hospitalization

Published May 8, 2007

Board member must show more dedication May 3 editorial

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my family, friends, co-workers, and others in the Pasco County community for your prayers, love, and support upon my recent emergency hospitalization. I also want to thank my personal physician, Dr. Richard Miller, the doctors, nurses and staff of HCA Community Hospital for making me comfortable during my recent stay.

I am not certain that your editorial staff was aware that I was taken to the emergency room by ambulance and admitted on April 26, with all the signs of a stroke, whereupon the medical staff worked diligently to determine the cause of my seizure. It was determined that I did not have a stroke, but I had some type of seizure which, thankfully, is treated with medication. I was also admitted with anemia. I was unfortunately unable to make the School Board meeting of May 1 since I was undergoing multiple scans and tests. I was released on May 2, with doctor's instructions to take it easy with lots of bed rest for seven to 10 days.

To the rest of the members of the School Board, I laud you for tackling a very difficult decision. I wish I could have been there to cast my vote on the graduation requirements. Now that I am, hopefully and more than likely, truly on the mend, I look forward to serve the School District of Pasco County with renewed vigor, passion and commitment. Again, thanks to all of you, from the bottom of my heart.

Cathi Martin, District 3 Pasco County School Board, New Port Richey


Shame on you all for FCAT ordeal

Were you present at the School Board meeting? Would you pass the FCAT?

These kids have completed what the rest of Florida graduates completed prior to the FCAT's start. So should we all go back and take it? If we fail, we should be publicly humiliated to walk a commencement of shame!

Mike Siemion, New Port Richey


If you can't water, try turf or paint

If there's a water shortage, how come I see newly planted trees shrubs along U.S. 19. Don't they have to be watered?

I can't use reclaimed water for my shrubs and lawn, but the subdivisions want us to have green lawns. Maybe the answer is paint or Astroturf.

Roger Lind, Port Richey


Noise helps shoo birds from berries 

Noise kills charm of rural Pasco May 3 letter

We have 7 acres of blueberries, and we are the people the writer speaks about. We make noise from dawn to dusk, not dusk to dawn. And no we don't go out of our way to be a nuisance; or in any way enjoy spending eight to 12 hours keeping birds at bay.

If the writer would like to incur the expense of netting our fields, I'll await his check of $2, 500 per acre. Otherwise no other method has been proven to deter these birds. He can ask the University of Florida extension folks.

If these birds were left to eat at will, 40 to 60 percent of our crops would be lost. Lost crop means higher market prices for the consumer. Does the writer know where food actually comes from? Or does he think it magically appears at Publix?

This is rural and also agricultural land. He should have done his homework before he moved here. A developer may buy up land for subdivisions, but they may not always tell you what is in your back yard.

The blueberry farmers, just as any other farmer, work very hard all year to produce a crop. If weather cooperates, the birds head north; if not, we have to deal with them. Aside from watering, fertilizing, overseeing the picking; we also have to deal with spending an entire day keeping birds off our plants. The birds migrate every year. They were here two years ago, and four years prior to that. If the weather is bad ahead of us, they stay here.

The noise also causes my dogs to flinch, as well as myself. But I have a living to make. The writer also complains about fossil fuel use; my propane cannons use far less than the auto he drives to work.

Some of us are strictly farmers; many of us also have jobs outside the home, families, and other obligations to attend. The writer might try farming instead of asking if any developer is looking for land.

Vicky Rey, Hudson


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