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Published May 10, 2007

First stop for news

On Wednesday: An armless, one-legged habitual traffic violator was arrested after a day at large; a Tampa slumlord who pleaded guilty to fraud was a hit-and-run victim in New York; a system off Florida might be our first tropical storm. Go to blogs.tampabay.com/breakingnews.

The Hit List

These stories attracted your attention Wednesday:

1. Artist or plagiarist? Todd Goldman's work looked familiar.

2. Armless driver: Pasco man eludes cops in Tuesday chase.

3. This Just In: Aha! But he's arrested on Wednesday.

4. The Buzz: Budget goes to the governor.

5. Husker heaven: Nebraska loves Bucs rookie QB.

Vote early, often

Today's question: Crocs are perhaps the ugliest and most popular shoes. Which shoe fad was your favorite?

Wednesday's results: On indoor vs. outdoor baseball, we have a dead heat -- sort of. The two indoor arguments took 64 percent of the 1, 200 votes. Fresh air received 30 percent. Only 6 percent hate the Trop.

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