After umpteenth arrest, can't they take his keys?

By Times Staff
Published May 10, 2007

Michael Wiley, Pasco County's armless, one-legged habitual traffic violator accused of eluding two police cruisers in a car chase Tuesday afternoon, was captured Wednesday morning.

He was charged with fleeing to elude and habitually driving with a revoked license. Wiley, 40, has had his license suspended or revoked nearly 20 times in the past 20 years. Despite a childhood accident that cost him three limbs, he taught himself how to drive - though not to follow traffic laws.

A tip led police to Wiley. In past arrests, Wiley was released from jail on little or no bail because judges felt sorry for him and jails had trouble meeting his needs. Not this time: A judge set bail at $500, 000.