TPC Sawgrass No. 17: By the numbers

Published May 10, 2007

4 Times per year divers enter the pond to extract balls. They typically do so in January, April, July and October, taking two days at a time.

1 Ace for par. In 1999, Fred Couples hit his tee shot in the water then reteed and flew a 9-iron shot into the hole.

4 Feet of water around the island green.

6 Aces during the 25 years of the tournament at the TPC. Brad Fabel, 1986, first round; Brian Claar, 1991, third round; Fred Couples, 1997, fourth round; Joey Sindelar, 1999, first round; Paul Azinger, 2000, third round; Miguel Angel Jimenez, 2002, first round.

55 Square footage of the front bunker, the smallest of the 92 bunkers on the course.

7 cents per ball TPC Sawgrass pays divers to retrieve them. The balls are resold as used.

66 Posted by Angelo Spagnolo, a 31-year-old grocery store manager from Pennsylvania, on June 19, 1985, in "America's Worst Avid Golfer" contest. He hit 27 balls in the water from the tee box and drop area. Officials then directed him to putt around the hazard and down the narrow path that leads to the green.

121 Yards from the middle of the championship tee to the front of the green.

146 Yards from the middle of the championship tee to the back of the green.

120,000 Balls hit in the water during the course of a year, more than three balls per player based on the average of 40, 000 rounds played on the Stadium Course.

Making a splash

The number of golf balls found in the water at the par-3 17th during the 2006 Players Championship:

  Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Total

3,192 Square footage of the green. The course average is 4, 500.

50,000 Cubic yards of dirt that was moved to create the island green during construction of the course.

12 Posted by Bob Tway during the third round in 2005, the highest in tournament history. Tway hit two shots that flew the green. His third and fourth shots hit on the front of the green and spun back into the water. His fifth attempt hit the green, then he three-putted. Robert Gamez made an 11 (with four balls in the water) in 1990.