TPC Sawgrass No. 17: The pros speak

Published May 10, 2007

"You're playing great. All of a sudden, in one hole, you might as well be finishing last."
Bob Tway, who in 2005 was tied for 10th but dropped into a tie for 72nd after hitting four balls into the water

"Whoever does make the big number on that hole is just overplayed on every sports channel over the world. There's so much that goes with that hole."
Chris DiMarco

"You try to suppress that hole until the last minute. You really do. You try to suppress it until you walk off the 16th green. You don't want to think about it early in the round. You know you want to make a lot of birdies before you get there."
Phil Mickelson

"Until you actually play it under conditions when your livelihood is at stake, it's not that intimidating. But Thursday through Sunday your belly is jumping a little bit and you just understand that your name is on your bag, and there's a reason you've just got to step up and hit the shot. And sometimes even then you're going to hit balls in the water."
Jeff Sluman

"If you hit a 7-iron to the wrong part of the green, it's going to take one hop and go in the water. It's not a small green, but where we have to land the ball is very small. You can almost put a blanket on the spot. ... Standing there, it's all different. The green just shrinks in the tournament. It's got a lot to do with the mind."
Vijay Singh

"It can just ruin the whole week."
Fred Funk

"It is like having a 3 o'clock appointment for a root canal. You're thinking about it all morning and you feel bad all day. You kind of know sooner or later you've got to get to it."
Mark Calcavecchia