'Our first date was a dance...'

Published May 10, 2007

With the dance floor to themselves, Roberta and Roy Messer of Tampa - who have been married for 48 years - do the twist during a 1950s sock hop at the Barksdale Senior Center's Senior Day in the Park. The story, in Roy Messer's words: I've known her all my life. Our families used to spend summers together up in the Berkshires. I remember her chasing me around there when she was 3 and I was 7, but we didn't date until later, when I got back from duty in the service. She's 68 now, and I'm 72. She still chases me, but I've slowed down a little, so I let her catch me now. April 27 was the 50th anniversary of our very first date. We went to Mountain Park, an amusement center in Holyoke, Mass., that had a huge ballroom dance floor. So our first date was a dance, and we haven't stopped since."