It's a landslide for Bush on Tenet board

By Times Staff
Published May 11, 2007

When was the last time an ex-governor of Florida won 96 percent of the vote in an election?

Jeb Bush did just that on Thursday. The former governor was elected to a one-year term on the board of Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp. with 96.56 percent of the voting shares.

"I hope that I can bring my experiences of the last eight years as governor of a market that Tenet is very active in, to help the company improve quality and be profitable, " Bush told the Associated Press.

Lately, Tenet's struggling Florida hospitals have become a drag on company profits.

Last month, Tenet created a special board seat for Bush, who left office in January after two terms. Last year, Tenet directors other than the chairman were paid fees of $97, 700 to $129, 222. Bush will also get restricted stock worth $260, 000, or four times the basic retainer fee, later this month.

It all makes for a big raise for Bush. His governor's salary in 2005 was less than $130, 000.