Injuries barely faze the Wolves

By Joey Knight
Published May 11, 2007

LITHIA - Considering its spate of injuries this season, it seems amazing Newsome has managed to make a walk - much less an unexpected run - through the Class 5A playoffs.

In addition to sophomore third baseman Meaghan Schultz's extensive medical dossier (see related story), no fewer than four other Wolves have been injured during the season.

"Coach (Jessi Kowal) is like, 'Please, no one join the broken bones club, ' " junior centerfielder Jamie O'Hara said. "That's what we have."

O'Hara, who wears a pair of knee braces to stabilize the "tilted kneecaps" with which she was born, partially dislocated her left shoulder on a hook slide in a game just before Easter.

Additionally, pitcher Ashley Stubbs (thumb fracture on nonthrowing hand), catcher A.J. Jones (hairline fracture on catching arm) and infielder Brittany Olsen (thumb fracture on throwing hand) each sustained injuries earlier in the season.

O'Hara missed no games, returning five days after her injury. Jones missed a spring break tournament, but played designated hitter while nursing her ailing arm and hit a home run against Freedom.

"When girls get hurt, of course, your stomach starts to turn and you're thinking, 'Oh my gosh, ' " Kowal said.

"But our girls have held it together. We've had some kids come in and play a position maybe they haven't played all year and stepped up to the plate, and really that's what it's all about. When they work hard and stick together, they can play with anybody."