Got a Big Mac rap?

At drive-throughs around the world, rappers show off their skills as they sing for their supper.

Published May 12, 2007

Ever waited too long at a drive-through and thought, "What is the guy in the car ahead of me doing? Reciting The Fountainhead? Ordering McMuffins for the Army?"

Turns out, he may be spitting rhymes.

Forget the old "No. 5 with Coke" routine. A new craze has some people rapping or singing their orders into McDonald's loudspeakers.

It's hard to tell who originated the Big Mac rap – imitators from here to Australia are posting similar videos on the Web.

Here's the transcript from one particularly funny drive-through encounter, starring "Scott, " "Razin" and "AJ."


McDonald's employee: "Hi, can I help you?"

Rapper: "Um, yes, uh . . ."

(His friend drops a beat)

"Big Mac . . . Big Mac . . . Big Mac . . .

"I need a double cheeseburger,

"Hold the lettuce,

"Don't be frontin' son, no seeds on the bun.

"We be up in the drive through,

"Order for two,

"I got a craving for a No. 9, like my shoe.

"We need some chicken in here . . .

"For rizzle . . . light salt on the frizzles.

"Dr Pepper, my brother,

"Another for your mother,

"Double-double supersize, and don't forget the fries.


"That'll be about it."


McDonald's employee: "Could you say it again?"

Rapper: "Okay, I'll slow it down for you."

(repeats rap, slower)

Manager: "Hey now, don't be laughing, because this is the manager. I'm going to need you to stop playing and order what you really want to order."

Rapper: "That's what I want."

Manager: "Why did you tell it to my people where they cannot understand it? That is not ordering. I need you to order and move on, please."

Rapper's friend: "All right, we'll speed it up for you."

(drops beat)

Rapper: "Big Mac . . . uhh . . . can I get a No. 6?

Friend: "Hold on . . . cancel it, cancel it. Hold on. Hold on."

Rapper: "Let me think. Um, that'll be it."

Friend: "We just want a McChicken."

Rapper: "Just a McChicken."

McDonald's employee: "You want a McChicken?"

Rapper: "Yes, please. We don't have much money."

Friend: "Just drive off! Just go!"

Rapper: "You can cancel that order. You can cancel it. Bye-bye. Let's go to the other McDonald's."

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To see clips of some drive-through rappers, go to youtube.com and search for "McDonalds freestyle."