Dateline Florida

Published May 12, 2007


The New York Times has discovered the new St. Petersburg. "Anyone who still considers St. Petersburg, Fla., the last stop before checking into a nursing home may be shocked by the transformation of this once sleepy Gulf Coast city, " says the first sentence of a story Friday. "Construction cranes pierce the sky, " it continued, and "daytime visitors tarry between art museums, a farmers market and the waterfront park, while young professionals pack restaurants and clubs at night." The story focused largely on the Old Northeast.

Coulter in the clear in voting mixup

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has been cleared of wrongdoing in an investigation into whether she violated Florida elections law by voting in the wrong precinct. Palm Beach County elections officials received a complaint in February 2006 that Coulter voted in the wrong precinct during a Palm Beach town council election. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office found there was no evidence that she deliberately violated any laws. Coulter did not cooperate during the investigation, but her attorney attributed the mixup to concerns she had about a stalking incident.

Ace in the hole, but it took ages

It took 78 years of trying, but a 90-year-old man with poor eyesight finally got a hole-in-one. On Thursday morning, Howard Tanner aced the 123-yard ninth hole of the Wynmoor Community Council Golf Course in Coconut Creek, the Associated Press reports. He began playing as a teenager in Long Island, N.Y. "You play that long, you figure something's going to go right, " Tanner said. Three other players were with Tanner when he hit the shot, but no one saw the ball drop in. The group searched before eventually checking the hole. "I seldom see where the ball goes, " Tanner said.

Mower flips into lake, drowns driver

Darnell Rushing, 21, was mowing grass along a Crestview lake shore Thursday morning when the side wheels slipped off the embankment. The mower flipped into the lake and pinned Rushing beneath it in about 3 feet of water. Christine Berryhill, who was in the park, said Rushing was trapped underwater until three police officers pulled the mower off him. Rushing was pronounced dead at a hospital. "This has been a sad day at City Hall, " Crestview Mayor David Cadle told the Northwest Florida Daily News. "It's terrible to see a family like that after they've lost their 21-year-old son."

100 and counting

The Ante Up! podcast celebrates its 100th episode offering poker tips and tricks you can use at the table. Listen in at blogs.tampabay.com/poker.