Today's Letters: Grave caretaker touches heart

Published May 13, 2007

Re: Mothers, he's keeping things neat May 10

I want to thank Mr. Peter Burnett for his caring tribute to his mother, his friends and all the other grave sites that he tends to. I am sure that it brings peace to his heart, and I would like him to know that he brought peace to mine today as I read this article.

My prayer is that when his time eventually comes, as will mine, that there will be someone just as selfless to care for us. God bless you, Mr. Burnett.

Carol Vigneault, Weeki Wachee


Development is last thing we need 

Re: Sunrise Development

Give me, and the other people who live in Hernando County, a break! We aren't stupid. Our illustrious county commissioners don't need to discuss the proposed Sunrise development; it's a done deal! School officials have already met with developers on a "gift/donation" of land, and construction will begin as soon as the School Board members give their okay.

Like any other development big business might want to build here, all they have to do is throw us a "bone" - just like Hickory Hill; they're throwing in a park as their "donation" just to build their unnecessary development.

These two developments, Hickory Hill and Sunrise, will have more than 6, 000 homes, not to mention retail space, office space, golf courses, etc. Why would our commissioners even have to think twice about authorizing this? Do they have their heads buried in the sand in the bottom of our dried-up lakes and ponds? Do they not know that we already have to restrict our water usage because of the drought? Do they not see the "for sale" or "for rent" signs all over Hernando County?

Are the commissioners condoning all this construction because we "need" new homes, retail and commercial spaces, and don't forget the golf courses, or because, once again, money - and big business - talks.

When are the county commissioners going to listen to us? We know more construction means less water than we have. When wells run dry, will these developers pay to have new wells dug for us? Of course not!

Open your eyes, commissioners; see what we, the little people, see!

Audrey Swenson, Spring Hill


Current taxes are bad enough

Re: gas taxes

From what I understand, if property taxes are cut, there will be a sales tax. Does that mean I'll pay more state tax for everything, like gas? And does that mean the county will have to raise taxes, too?

I'm just 21 and count on my car to get to work. I seldom can afford to do much else. Things are already tough on me. Both my parents died two years ago. I tried to live on my own, but I had to move in with my sister. I get along great with my sister. We love each other, but my cat, Alley, and I don't have the personal space because of her dogs.

If I have to pay more and more, I won't be able to move out. Dear Abby can't help me. She can't do anything about how expensive things are.

Tell me some good news. Please!

Elizabeth J. Lohn, Spring Hill


Intersection is unacceptable 

Re: Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Boulevard intersection

To Hernando County commissioners:

Has anyone taken the time to see what is happening at this intersection? Or should I say what's NOT happening?

The intersection is the busiest in Spring Hill, and the construction there has turned out to be an engineering disgrace. Work started last fall. No intersection in the world should take the enormous amount of time that this one has taken. There are many days when one, two or three workers are on the job in a day. When I asked a worker where he was last Friday, he said, "I was on another job."

Cars traveling south on Mariner Boulevard have to wait three or four green lights before getting across Spring Hill Drive. This happens several times a day. This is unacceptable. Cars coming north have the same problem.

As commissioners, I suggest you look into the following:

1. What engineer drew up the plans to modify this intersection?

2. Are the plans sound?

3. Who prepared the contract that allows the contractor to take so much time to finish the job?

4. Who is responsible in our county to see that the job is progressing as planned?

This job has taken entirely too much time. Our residents have been inconvenienced beyond all reasonable limits.

If this contractor had the job of building the Suncoast Parkway, it would be completed by 2099!

Nick Morana, Spring Hill


For lawyers, takes one to know one 

Re: Lewis shows no patience for La Croix

If the Brooksville City Council decides to dismiss city attorney David La Croix, may I offer a suggestion? Hire Ronald Freeman (the attorney for police Chief Ed Tincher) and have him relay the message to La Croix that he has been "let go." Instruct Freeman to make it verbal. I'm sure Freeman will read and understand the instructions and can answer any questions Mr. La Croix doesn't understand.

John Albert, Spring Hill


Waterfall is a small concession

Did I read correctly that the Spring Hill waterfall can be run only three days a week? I can't even find the words to express my feelings about this senseless decision - why?

This attractive landmark is seen from U.S. 19 and is really the most distinguishing asset that we can call our own.

Why in the world would you stop the flow, when everyone knows that water can, and should, be recycled. It's hardly a golf course we're talking about here. It's a fountain, using very little water, which, if constructed properly, rotates the same water over and over.

This is small change compared to your Hickory Hill debacle.

Commissioners, I have a question for all of you. Do you honestly think you are making rational decisions for the county and the residents that may have voted you into office?

Barbara Nieten, Spring Hill