Singer Brandi Carlile has an interesting 'Story'

Published May 14, 2007

AUSTIN, Texas - Last fall, after an 11-day marathon recording session in a Vancouver studio, alt-country singer Brandi Carlile found herself plagued by self-doubt, questions and a heap of stress.

Was it due to renowned producer T Bone Burnett having her record live to 2-inch audiotape that picked up every little sound? Was it because she's such a perfectionist? "I was so worried. I was obsessive, " Carlile, 25, said. "I couldn't stop listening to every single song - what it was going to sound like when it was mixed, what people thought of it, what T Bone thought of it. It was a stressful time where I couldn't see clearly through the fog."

Once the fog cleared, however, she was left with The Story, the 13-track followup to her critically acclaimed 2005 self-titled debut. While not a chart topper, her debut garnered Carlile widespread praise from critics, earned her a loyal fan base and set the stage for her to find further success with The Story.

Carlile linked up with Burnett, whose credits include the Grammy-winning O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack, after a meeting set up by their mutual label, Columbia Records. Working with Burnett was a natural fit for Carlile, whose music is steeped in country and Americana.

Carlile has built up a cult following with two years of constant touring. Fans were drawn to her honest songwriting and to her vocal prowess. The Story follows the theme of chapters throughout Carlile's life. "It's like a chronological time line of my life and my experiences, " she said.