Today's Letters: Key to problem is preserve's label

Published May 15, 2007

Re: Should it be the Brooker Creek Utility Preserve? Howard Troxler column, May 13

Thanks to St. Petersburg Times columnist Howard Troxler and Pinellas County Administrator Steve Spratt for pointing out a critical issue in the current debate regarding use of some land currently labeled as Brooker Creek Preserve.

"Preserve" is a regrettably misleading label for some of that land, which was purchased for future county use and never should have been categorized with the wonderfully pristine Brooker Creek Preserve that so many of us treasure.

Too many citizens have the mistaken impression that the land promised years ago for recreation fields is of the same character as the wetlands surrounding the Brooker Creek Preserve Education Center. Drive by, and you'll see immediately that is not the case. It's a former farm just waiting to be converted to its long-intended recreational use.

Let's not be governed by knee-jerk reactions to poorly-chosen labels. If we take the time to understand the history and present status of the land in question, as well as the legitimate needs of the children of North Pinellas, it becomes clear that we can and must provide reasonable recreation for families without touching the true Brooker Creek Preserve.

Paul Weaver, Palm Harbor


Flight paths don't need changing 

Re: Airport urges new flight path story, May 13

Here we go again.

The truth of the matter is that some of us do not like jet aircraft noises regardless of their levels. But I am not one of these peace- and-quiet advocates, because some day when God calls me, the silence will be deafening!

The noise level of helicopters is louder and more distinctive, simply because they fly lower, but apparently, no one complains about this.

Actually, the present flight paths are okay if they are strictly adhered to. Granted, airline pilots some times bend the rules because of management pressure to maintain tighter flight schedules, just in case some of us are not aware of this fact of life. For me, what these pilots do is fine, providing passengers and us groundlings are not put at unwarranted risk.

Joseph P. Corell, Clearwater


Leave remaining trails unpaved  

Re: Where nature still reigns story, April 29

I enjoyed the article about Wall Springs Park very much. We need "good news" items of local interest, especially educating us about our precious environment.

I have a comment I feel compelled to share about the planning and development of the remaining acres of Wall Springs. I am opposed to paving the hiking trails in the rest of the park. I think that would impact such a pristine area unnecessarily.

The paved walkways in the first area developed are amazing - very good-looking, appropriate and impressive for access by the elderly, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. The rest of the park should have a more natural access by packed dirt or shell trails.

Laura Salsbury, Tarpon Springs


Enforce existing traffic ordinances  

Re: Pass law against dopey driving letter, May 7

I agree with Don Simcoe of Dunedin when he describes how Pinellas County roads have become overrun with reckless drivers.

I disagree with his suggested solution, however. A law banning cell phone use while driving sounds good, but we already have numerous traffic laws that are not enforced. (Try speed limits, for starters. Excessive speed is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle crashes.)

The real solution is more officers on the streets, writing traffic tickets and enforcing safe driving laws.

Scott Bravard, St. Petersburg


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