Today's Letters: No nudity with breakfast, thanks

Published May 16, 2007

The scene at our house was, I'm sure, a fairly common one in families throughout America: a busy morning with mom putting breakfast on the table while the children bustled about getting ready for the day. On the table, along with the schoolwork and maple syrup, was the folded Monday, May 14, issue of the St. Petersburg Times. The paper had been dropped off at our house for the past few Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays in an effort to persuade us to become subscribers.

My oldest son, 15, looked through the sections to find the comics and any stories about the war in Iraq. I took a moment to check my e-mail in the next room, then heard my oldest son call out, "Mama, there's a picture of a nude woman on the front of this section! It's a story about a woman who paints with her breasts!" This injected an unexpected and distasteful element into our otherwise normal routine.

My first responses were disgust and disappointment that your newspaper is no longer a safe item to leave lying about the home. Is this what the St. Petersburg Times encourages children to read in their Newspapers in Education program?

I next wondered aloud, "How is this news?" What is the purpose of the existence of this newspaper? To inform and educate? To titillate? To appeal, not to the intellect and to reason, but instead to the lowest of urges? The money my family spends to purchase Sunday issues of the St. Petersburg Times, which we have been doing for the past several years, will now be placed in the coffers of your competitors.

Rita Dell, New Port Richey

Story, photo send dubious message

What possessed you to feel that the article and pictures were appropriate for the front page of the Pasco section? The paper was delivered to our school, with the Pasco Times on the front. The pictures are inappropriate for school-age children, not to mention the explicit text describing Ms. Fox's breast lift, and how she paints with them, as well as her successful transformation by drinking dirty martinis, smoking expensive cigars and winning amateur stripping contests.

What Ms. Fox does is her business, but how does it warrant the front page for hundreds of schoolchildren to read? Is it not suggesting that an appearance change and sexual makeover will result in success? The importance should be on merit, hard work and moral fiber. "Newspapers in Education" just took on a new meaning!

Diane Wink, New Port Richey

Schoolkids got a shocking eyeful

I can't think of anything less important than to place a picture of a topless women who paints with her breasts on the front page of the Pasco Times.

What are you thinking? Does anybody care? No.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of high school seniors graduating next week from Pasco schools. Don't you think there might be one newsworthy story regarding an outstanding senior? One that has overcome obstacles to graduate. Or, our servicemen and -women from Pasco County giving their lives for your freedom to write this trash? Or the little girl from Pasco County who lay injured in a hospital bed due to a drugged-out driver. I believe her life story is far more significant than a nudist slinging paint with various body parts.

Not to mention the facts that little kids do see the paper, and NIE (Newspapers in Education) is distributed throughout our community to young children whom you exposed this to.

Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Nobody cares about a warped nudist who paints with her breasts. Sorry.

Patti Palancia, Holiday

There's no news in peep show

Between Mother's Day, the activities with the Cotee River Seafood Festival and other activities in east Pasco, all you can find to put on the majority of front page of the Pasco Times is some naked real estate agent who paints with her breasts?

I can't believe I had to pay for this copy of the paper. Maybe it is time to look for another source of news in Pasco County!

Bob Smallwood, New Port Richey

Article pointless and in poor taste

I do not see anything newsworthy in this entire article. Perhaps someone should find the staff writer something with subject matter that the general public would be interested in reading.

I feel sorry for the son who lives in a house where his mother's room has a mirrored ceiling, a pole for dancing and the word "sex" written on the wall.

What's the point about writing that Angye is lonely and looking for a new man in her life? Are you running a dating service? Better yet, the advertising of her and her friends' Web site. If anyone goes to that site you will see pictures that are pretty close to pornography.

Why do we have to be subjected to articles and pictures in such poor taste? As a woman, I feel it is demeaning to all women to write a story about using parts of our anatomy to paint with. In all fairness, maybe you should run an article about a male counterpart - a man who paints murals with a part of his anatomy.

Loretta J. Parry, Hudson

Kudos to moms of all stripes

Great article on the three moms you profiled Mother's Day, and no offense to any of them, but I became a mom a different way. I adopted.

And how about the aunts, cousins, grandmothers and friends who have stepped up to the plate to be "mom" in a child's life? Or, how about those foster moms here in Pasco? What a wonderful job they do ensuring a child's safety and well-being until the biological mother has it all together.

Anyway, ladies, although a little late and no matter how you became a mom, happy Mother's Day. You do not need to give birth to be a mom. It's what's in your heart.

Renee Callegari, Port Richey

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