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Published May 17, 2007

Tight Lines

Outdoors editor Terry Tomalin moderates our online fishing hole. A select group of Tampa Bay charter boat captains provides daily fishing updates, tournament results, and the latest news on regulations.

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The Hit List

These stories attracted your attention Wednesday:

1. $107 for a steak?!! Gastronomic joy, economic horror.

2. The Buzz: Another Florida debate?

3. Drive-in DUI: In this case, suspect came to deputies.

4. This Just In: Cypress Mall center approved for construction.

5. Orlando and the Rays: Sternberg's blind ambition tour.

Vote early, often

Today's question: Uh-oh, $3 a gallon for gas. What are you doing to conserve or save money?

Wednesday's question: The runaway winner (loser?) among embarrassing questions you can ask is "When are you due?" with 53 percent of the vote.

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