Young talent shines

Published May 17, 2007

Some of Pinellas County's most talented student performers took the stage at Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg on Friday night for the fourth annual Walker's Rising Stars Scholarship Competition Show. Junior and senior solo artists went through several rounds of preliminary and semifinal competition to make it to the event's final showcase. The scholarships are funded by bay area neurosurgeon Jeffrey Walker. Winners received a $10, 000 scholarship; those in second through fourth place each received $1, 000.

DANCE: Amanda Bear, junior, St. Petersburg Collegiate High, first; Daniel Johnson, junior, Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School, second; Madeline Fitzpatrick, senior, Countryside High School, third; Jacob Scott, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, fourth.

INSTRUMENTAL: Cody Carson, senior, Tarpon Springs High School, clarinet, first; Elizabeth Bawel, senior, Countryside High, harp, second; Bradley Shafer, junior, Seminole High School, french horn, third; Stefan DiBella, senior, Seminole High, tenor saxophone, fourth.

THEATER: Alexandra Jennings, junior, PCCA at Gibbs, first; Jordan Stovall, senior, St. Petersburg High School, second; Sarah McAvoy, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, third; Nathaniel French, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, fourth.

VOCAL: Zachary Rygiel, junior, Largo High School, first; Ariana Orfanella, junior, PCCA at Gibbs, second; John DeLisa, junior, PCCA at Gibbs, third; Jenna Siladie, senior, St. Petersburg High, fourth.

VISUAL ARTS: Stephanie McKee, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, first; Kati Lacker, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, second; James Rideout, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, third; Tyler Hedeen, senior, PCCA at Gibbs, fourth.