No down time for Springstead's Noury

Published May 17, 2007

SPRING HILL - Multitasking is a way of life for Springstead's Ben Noury.

So much so that the rising junior doesn't think twice about it.

He's not the least bit worried about learning the quarterback and safety positions while developing as a running back. In his two years with the Eagles, he has spent time at split end, running back, slot back and outside linebacker.

Springstead coach Bill Vonada wants Noury to focus on quarterback, running back and safety this spring, and that's fine with Noury. Shoot, if Vonada wanted to add a few more jobs to his plate, that probably would also be fine with Noury, who juggles a 4.0 grade point average with three sports and other extracurricular activities such as flag football.

"My attitude is wherever they need me, I'll go, " Noury said.

The 6-foot, 180-pound Noury might spread himself among many tasks, but he said, he takes each item on his plate seriously. That's why he has a 4.0, not just good grades. That's why he has improved his time in the 40 from 4.9 seconds to 4.5 and added 50 pounds to his bench press.

"His effort is great, " Vonada said. "His enthusiasm is great. His aggressiveness has picked up. ... We've had players in the past we've asked to do different things, but I don't know if it was as many."

He has become a student of the game, and he wants to be the best at each position. He doesn't have a favorite spot of the three, although he is the most familiar with running back. He'll be competing with James Mahla for the starting quarterback spot.

Noury plans to spend the summer improving his physique.

"I'm not the strongest guy on the field, " Noury said. "But I'm going to work on it all summer to become as strong as I can."

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