1 in 3 Americans are not white, census reports

Published May 17, 2007


The Census Bureau estimated Wednesday that from July 1, 2005, to July 1, 2006, the nation's minority population grew from 98.3-million to 100.7-million, or about one in three of all Americans.

More than 20 percent of children in the United States are foreign-born or have a parent who was born abroad. Nearly half the children under age 5 are Hispanic, black or Asian. The median age of Americans reached 36.6 years, a record high. It ranged from 27.4 in Hispanics to 40.5 in non-Hispanic whites.


Giuliani reports $16-million in income

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani reported $16.1-million in earned income over the past 16 months, most of it in speaking fees, according to financial documents filed Wednesday.

Since his term as mayor of New York ended, Giuliani has parlayed his image as an in-charge mayor during the Sept. 11 attacks into lucrative speaking fees and business enterprises.

Democratic hopeful John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, reported $29.5-million in assets.

The reports were part of a flurry released Wednesday by the Federal Election Commission. The deadline for filing was Tuesday, though several candidates received 45-day extensions.


WASHINGTON: The second dollar coin in the new presidential series goes into circulation today. It features John Adams.

CHICAGO: A police officer pleaded not guilty Wednesday to 15 felony counts in the beating of a female bartender and threatening to arrest bar employees in an attempt to suppress a video of the attack.

COLUMBIA, S.C.: A state House subcommittee approved a measure Wednesday that would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry guns onto public school campuses.

BUFFALO, N.Y.: Altemio Sanchez, 49, whom prosecutors suspect of preying on more than a dozen women as the "Bike Path Rapist, " pleaded guilty Wednesday to murdering three women since 1990.