The skinny

Published May 17, 2007



Howard Ludwig of Chicago thought it would be hilarious if he applied to get a gun permit for his 10-month-old son, Bubba. Then, well, it was approved. That made it a little less funny. Turns out, there is no age restriction on the cards. It lists Bubba's height (2-foot-3) and weight (20 pounds). And since Bubba hasn't been convicted of a felony, he was golden. The sweetest part of the story is that Ludwig decided to apply for the card after grandad bought little Bubba a 12-gauge shotgun as a gift. Awwwwwww.


We think we can! We think we can!

Taking the train was an interactive experience for a couple of hundred riders in eastern India on Wednesday. Seems the car stalled when an electrical connection snapped, and to restart it, the train would have to get to the next pole, about 60 yards away. So the driver asked the passengers to push. And they did. And it worked. The train made it to its destination, Raghunathpur, without further incident.

An eyeful is just the price of security

People in Amsterdam's airport have officially shrugged at any invasion of privacy that a new security scanner might impose upon them. "People figure, if this is going to let me get through the lines quicker, then I'll do it, " spokeswoman Miriam Snoerwang said. The system essentially takes a picture of the person through their clothes - finally, reality has caught up with comic book ads - to check for suspicious objects. Female flight attendants were most interested in more information on the procedure, but no one objected. The person who sees the scan cannot see the person's face, but everything else is reasonably clear. "They're kind of futuristic, " Snoerwang said of the images. "There's nothing sexy about it."


Miss Mexico dress

There is no longer a bandolier of bullets on the dress Miss Mexico plans to wear in the Miss Universe pageant. Also gone are the depictions of hangings and other scenes from the Cristero war in which tens of thousands were killed. They go for a little less grim in the Miss Universe pageant, so designers have agreed to replace the blood and guts on the floor-length gown with corn and cactus fields. "It is the same model, " said Lupita Jones, a former Miss Universe who now runs Miss Mexico operations. "The only thing we have changed are the decorations, which pained some people." Apparently everyone is okay with the fact that the price of corn is a topic of great consternation in some parts of Mexico these days.

Compiled from Times wires and other sources by staff writer Jim Webster.