Central High parents' efforts pay in a big way

By Times editorial
Published May 18, 2007

For nearly half of the graduating seniors at Central High School this year, eight was more than enough. That's the number of parents on the committee that acquired $4.8-million in college scholarship offers for almost half of the 393 seniors who will receive their diplomas May 30 and prepare to enter the next phase of their education.

The committee's success is extraordinary and the students who will benefit should be forever grateful that they were the recipients of these parents' enterprise and dedication. A gesture of that appreciation was shown Wednesday when Taryn Miller, an 18-year-old Central senior, hosted a breakfast reception for the scholarship committee.

This team effort should be used as an organizational prototype for similar efforts at the county's other high schools, where equally determined parents plug away to obtain scholarships for their college-bound seniors, but have yet to realize this level of success.

The eight parents on the committee are Patti Jachimowicz, Gary Atkins, Lori Beiswenger, Susan Jones, Sherri Kyper, Susan Martin, Diane Mincevich and Karin Weinberg. Their triumph is a testament to the spirit of volunteerism in the Hernando County School District.