Gunman in Nissan wounds teenager

The car, with several people inside, pulled up outside an apartment complex in Plant City.

Published May 18, 2007

PLANT CITY - A gold Nissan pulled up outside an apartment complex Thursday and paused.

Then someone in the car opened fire.

Bystanders scattered. Several more shots flashed from the driver's window.

As the car sped off, a 16-year-old youth lay on the ground, holding his side.

That's how witnesses and police described what happened shortly after 5 p.m. at 110 Drake Street, across from Burchwood Park in Plant City.

Katie Tucker said she heard him say, "I've been shot."

Police did not release the name of the wounded youth, who was taken to Tampa General Hospital.

Tucker, 18, had been on the porch with her week-old daughter when the car pulled up, as if to drop off a passenger.

"They stopped a couple of seconds, " she said. "Then they started shooting."

When the gunmen left, Tucker ran inside for alcohol and towels.

"He was talking a bunch of gibberish, " she said of the young victim. "He was scared."

Plant City police are investigating an "argument" between two groups representing a north and a south side of an area, Plant City police spokesman Jim Shultz said.

But police are not yet calling the shooting gang-related.

Brian Henley had been riding his bicycle to a convenience store when he heard the shots.

"I counted, " said Henley, 34. "One, two, three. Then a little hesitation." Then more.

Henley said he counted a total of eight shots.

The victim was listed in stable condition at the hospital, Shultz said.

Police are looking for a late 1990s model Nissan Ultima and three or four males, Shultz said.

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