Today's Letters: Only mayor has common sense

Published May 18, 2007

Re: More Stanton fallout, story May 17

Well, it looks like the geniuses on our Largo City Commission are at it again! It's bad enough that they are already the laughingstock of the entire country after firing City Manager Steve Stanton; now they have voted to waste more of our taxpayers' money to investigate themselves. It is quite obvious to everyone in the country that Mr. Stanton was fired for being transgender, not for performance issues.

So now we have a whole 28 people in Largo who are concerned enough to sign a petition to start the investigation. Wonder what percentage of the population of Largo that equates to? (It's 0.0003759 percent, based on 2005 numbers.)

I seriously think it is time for most of the commissioners to retire or be recalled, as they are obviously not competent to be on the City Commission. I would like to also say thank you to Pat Gerard, our new mayor, as she seems to be the only one of the group with any common sense.

I do not know Ms. Gerard or Mr. (Ms.) Stanton personally, but I do feel for them, having to work with these yahoos.

As I have always told my son when he inquired about people's sexuality, "Unless you plan on having sex with them, why would you care what their sexual orientation is?" I would love the Times to publish each commissioner's answer to that question!

I wonder if we could get 27 other people to sign a petition to recall all of them except Pat Gerard. Hmm.

Bob Clark, Largo


A waste of time, taxpayers' money 

Re: More Stanton fallout, story May 17

In the ongoing brouhaha among the Largo city commissioners over the firing of Steve Stanton, I can't decide whether we are in the midst of an old-fashioned witch hunt or if this is 1984 and Big Brother is watching. Or maybe it's a combination of both.

What's the big deal if Stanton told those he felt close enough to that he was planning to have a sex-change operation? And what's the difference if those he confided in were city officials?

What Stanton told these individuals in confidence was his own business, which in due time he was planning to reveal to all.

What I'd really like to know is why Commissioner Andy Guyette is so gung ho about finding out who knew what and when. It appears as though Guyette is not quite satisfied that Stanton was fired. Apparently, he wants other officials to be ousted as well. And my hunch is that Mayor Pat Gerard may be his No. 1 target, being that she remained loyal to Stanton, as one of two votes that were in favor of Stanton's staying on as Largo city manager.

My opinion is that Guyette and other commissioners are reading more into the city charter and putting their own spin on the word "malfeasance" or misconduct.

The vital information that Stanton kept within a tight circle had nothing to do with city business; nor did it affect his work.

Those who want to read more into it and twist it around to their own favor no doubt will do so. But it's a waste of time and taxpayers' money.

Largo could take a lesson from the Los Angeles Times, where transgender sports columnist Mike Penner became Christine Daniels, with dignity preserved, and retained his job.

How many light years away is the city of Largo from sparing an individual with a different lifestyle from the discrimination and humiliation the commissioners callously and maliciously bestowed upon Stanton?

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater


Dunedin course remains excellent 

Re: Changes erase course's identity, letter by Bill Rodgers May 17

Rodgers ignores the fact that periodically every golf course requires grass renewal, the current situation at Dunedin Country Club. DCC's decision to replace its greens resulted from a U.S. Golf Association survey advising that the putting surfaces were severely contaminated and required urgent replacement. DCC members raised more than $300, 000 for the project.

Scotland-born Donald Ross (1872-1948) left America a legacy of more than 400 golf courses, and more than 100 U.S. national championships have been played on his designs. The vast majority of Ross-designed courses have been modified to challenge the latest generations of golfers and equipment.

Rather than assert that the PGA of America and subsequent DCC club administrations have mangled the Donald Ross legacy, Mr. Rodgers might have taken time to review the original Dunedin Isles Country Club plans held by the Donald Ross Society, where he would have found, no doubt to his amazement, that the present-day slopes and runoffs of the majority of the DCC greens are still those envisioned by the great man's original 1926 design.

If Mr. Rodgers had taken further time to speak with the superintendent in charge of the regrassing project, he would have learned that every effort is being made to maintain Ross runoff and swale values on and surrounding the new greens.

The addition of trees planted two-plus decades ago is easily assessed. In the age of the long-flying ball and high-tech equipment, without these hazards Dunedin CC would no longer be the excellent test it most certainly is and will continue to be when the renovation project is complete.

David Mackintosh, Dunedin