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Published May 18, 2007

Oh, my. Has it really been nine years since the Pasco Times held its last "favorite restaurant" reader poll?

Each year, from 1994 through 1998, we asked readers to let us know their favorite dining spots in Pasco County.

The first year we asked about "Favorite Early Bird Special." The next year it was "Favorite Big Night Out, " then, in succeeding years, favorite breakfasts, pizzas and ethnic food.

Hundreds of ballots came in each year, with votes for the well-known establishments and the hidden treasures.

Since then, many restaurants have come and stayed, many have come and gone and a few old-timers have closed their doors.

With all these changes, it's time to do another dining poll. But instead of doing one restaurant type a year, we're doing six categories all at once.

Once we get all the ballots in the office, we'll visit the winners, take some photos, interview some of the people who sent in ballots, and then write stories about each of the winners over the rest of the summer.

As we wrote 10 years ago, "We do this for a variety of reasons: to let people have their say; to let readers share their ideas of what it takes to make a place a great dining experience; to spotlight some places that might have been overlooked before; and mostly, just for fun."

By the way, the winner of the first two contests in 1994 (Early Bird) and 1995 (Special Night Out), the modest but popular Lola's Steak and Seafood on U.S. 19, closed in July 2003, after 26 years in business, when majority owners Lola and Mike Milic decided to retire. Their lime- sherbet-colored building is now a beige office building.

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'Favorite Restaurant' Reader Poll

The guidelines are few:

1. The ballot must include your name, city and telephone number. That's so I can call you for further comment, if necessary. (No solicitors will call you and we won't share your information with anyone else.)

2. The ballot must be cut from the newspaper. No copies will be counted (this prevents ballot-stuffing - not that anyone would ever do that). We can't accept faxed ballots, as there would be no way to tell if they are originals. Feel free to add pages, however, if there's not enough room for your comments.

3. Only restaurants within Pasco County are eligible.

4. All ballots must be received at the Pasco Times office by 5 p.m. Friday, June 1. You can drop them off through the front slot at our Port Richey office or in the box on the front desk. Or you can mail them in.

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