Fun stuff (plus shipping)

Published May 18, 2007

Thanks to the Internet, a long series of tubes that connect all our computers together and transfer information through a thing called "cyberspace, " we now can buy just about anything from anywhere. Books. CDs. Brides that whole mail order thing took soooooo much longer. For some, it even provides a neat avenue to purchase Pasco County sports memorabilia. Just plug in your favorite former athlete's name into eBay, and you'd be surprised at how much stuff is out there. Sure, it's kind of a geeky thing to do, but some people get a kick out of it. Stop looking at me like that. Anyway, check these items out, and keep in mind, bidding ends soon.


Derek Thompson

Former Land O'Lakes pitcher

The item: A 2000 Bowman DP Rookie Card, with Thompson in his Cleveland Indians uniform, the year the Tribe drafted him 37th overall.

Price: .99 cents, plus shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: One of the few missing from my collection of Pasco baseball cards.

Coolness factor: 2. The whole arm injury thing and a new team leaves us wondering about his future. Besides, someone already has bid on the card. Hey, Derek, if you're reading this - back off! It's mine!


Joey Graham

Former Land O'Lakes basketball player, now in the NBA

The item: Technically, Graham was an all-SAC pick one season before transferring to Brandon, not that some of us are still a little bitter. But still, the guy has 58 items listed. Our favorite: an 8x10 Upper Deck Signature Portraits. It's fresh.

Price: $7.95, $3.99 shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me for it: You won't. I haven't been into the NBA since Sidney Moncrief was dishing off to Marques Johnson for points.

Coolness factor: 3. But the winning bid could bring you closer to God, seeing as the seller is listed as the Truthworks Gospel Quartet.

The Hambrick brothers

Troy and Darren were both Pasco High football stars and played for the Dallas Cowboys, among others.

The items: A lot of cards of Troy's, from 2002-04, and a game-worn jersey from Darren's days with Dallas.

Price: The cards are only $1, and $2.50 shipping. Which is good because the jersey (No. 54) is, ummm, $150, though there is an option to make an offer.

Why you'll have to outbid me: Did I mention it was $150 for the jersey? Happy bidding!

Coolness factor: 6.5. If I can get it cheaper, the factor could go as high as 8. And we love the description on the jersey - "Massive Repair Marks". Sweet!


James "Mudcat" Grant

Moore Academy pitcher, Lacoochee favorite son

The item: So many to choose from, but since there's already an autographed ball in the Pasco press box we can always sneak outta there if we need to, let's go with Grant's 1959 Topps card.

Price: $1.95, $3 shipping

Why you'll have to outbid me: Mudcat is Pasco County's most famous and accomplished athlete. He was the first African-American pitcher in the American League to win 20 games, the first to win a World Series game, and the first to hit a home run in the World Series. 'Nuff said.

Coolness factor. 10. Old baseball cards rule. So does Mudcat.


Jeff Baisley

Former Land O'Lakes and USF baseball star

The item: Of the 21 we found listed on eBay, this one caught our eye - a 2006 Tristar Prospects Plus card.

Price: $4, $2 shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: You won't. Got one for $3. Ha!

Coolness factor: 7. The Tristar cards are all pretty cool looking. And now that my 1999 Brad Baisley autographed card isn't going to put my kids through college, it's up to little brother Jeff. No pressure. Just two, sweet little boys and their future. Good luck.


Ryan Pickett

Former Zephyrhills football standout and current Green Bay Packer

The item: An authentic Packers mini helmet signed at a recent mini-camp. And with a Sharpie! Seller says it's smudge free, which is always good, and the certificate of authenticity is a bonus.

Price: $9.99, $6.95 shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: I'm a Cheese-head, and it would look great on my desk.

Coolness factor: 8. Mini helmets are cool.


Tyler Clippard

Former Mitchell pitcher

The item: A signed baseball, dated 8-17-2006 (the day after Clippard threw a no-hitter last season). Doesn't appear to be the actual game ball, as it's a shiny metallic-looking ball, and there appears to be a ticket stub that comes with it.

Price: $9.99, plus shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: It's actually pretty fresh looking. I'm still a little torn between the ball and a baseball card, seeing as Clippard is very close to getting called up by the New York Yankees.

Coolness factor: 6. An actual game ball used in the no-hitter would be so much cooler.


Dave Doorneweerd

Ridgewood pitcher, MLB draft choice

The item: 1992 Bowman baseball card. Doorneweerd is sitting outside Three Rivers Stadium wearing a polo shirt with pastel vertical stripes. So 1990s.

Price: $6 plus shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: Actually, you won't. I already have one, and I got it cheaper!

Coolness factor: 5 (1992 Stadium Club Dome No. 38 of Doorneweerd, in his Ridgewood uniform, is the one I want, but it's not listed.)


Drew Weatherford

Former Land O'Lakes quarterback, now at FSU

The item: A glossy 8x10 photo.

Price: $4.99, $2.99 shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: Um, again, I'm out on this. There appears to be a Thaljijamal@aol.com snatching up all the Weatherford stuff. Odd.

Coolness factor: 3. I'll wait until he makes the NFL.


Robbie Tobeck

Current NFL lineman and a 14-year veteran

The item: An 8x10 photo, and according to the seller it's an original from a negative. Uh-huh.

Price: $4.99, $3 shipping.

Why you'll have to outbid me: Because it might be the most obscure item you can find. Tobeck played high school basketball for New Port Richey Christian before going on to fame and fortune in the NFL. Well ...fortune, anyway.

Coolness factor: 2. It's not that great of an item, but it makes for a good conversation piece. Just try, "Did you know that Tobeck played for New Port Richey Christian?" and watch the ladies swoon.


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