Dateline Florida

Published May 18, 2007

New owner is dog's best friend

Lazarus has a home. The bull mastiff mix found buried in a hole in Pensacola in January was adopted Tuesday by a lifelong animal lover, the Pensacola News Journal reports. Ray Ackerman spent an hour a day sitting and petting and talking to Lazarus after the dog was taken to an animal hospital for treatment. "It took several weeks before he would look me in the eye and realize I was a friend, " Ackerman said. A man doing yard work found Lazarus after hearing whimpering from his neighbor's yard. Robbie Wilson saw the dog's nose poking out of the ground where he had been left for dead. "Now he will have a life that he never had before, " Ackerman said. An animal abuse probe continues.

This ticket's a winner! Oh. Scratch that.

Joe Curcio, 56, of Ocala thought he'd struck it rich with a $20 Gold Rush scratch-off lottery ticket he bought Sunday. The ticket has a 1 on the top row and a 1 above the $500, 000 scratch-off piece. Seemed like a winner to Curcio, but Florida Lottery officials say it appears to be a mistake. Curcio said lottery officials told him the top number actually was a misprinted 13. Also, when the ticket was scanned, its bar code showed it was not a winner. "They're saying it's a misprint. How do I know it's a misprint?" he asked. The lottery told him to file a claim. He hired a lawyer.