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Published May 19, 2007

The Hurricane Guide

Get tips on preparing your home, forming an emergency plan and equipping your family with essential items for surviving the storm. You can also download and print evacuation maps and watch how-to videos to help you prepare. Go to:


The Hit List

These stories attracted your attention Friday:

1. He loved speed: He died popping a wheelie at 80 mph.

2. This Just In: "Tell the baby I love him" - Caroline Wiren

3. The Buzz: Charlie Crist is gone fishin'.

4. Death during childbirth: Loss shocks fans, family.

5. Property tax plan: The cuts aren't for everybody.

Vote early, often

Today's question: Every day in sports, a new controversy. Which professional sport is most infected with performance enhancing drugs?

Friday's question: With gas prices at $3 a gallon, what are you doing to conserve or save money? "Forget that, " 67 percent say, "Fill 'er up."

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