In their words

Published May 20, 2007

"If this were a JCPenney or a Target store, I don't think it would have been a problem. It's a nationwide thing that (Wal-Mart) is political poison."

Anna Liisa Covell, member of the Hernando County Planning and Zoning Commission, on the opposition to building a new Wal-Mart supercenter on Barclay Avenue in Spring Hill.


"I wish somebody had told me that, though I'm not so sure how you orchestrate someone's background."

Jennene Norman-Vacha, candidate to become the new city manager of Brooksville, responding to comments that some city council members had worked to scuttle the chances of a rival for the job.


"What I worry about is that the state's rush to reform is going to crush local government."

Sheriff Richard Nugent, on legislative initiatives to recast the state's property tax system in ways that could have severe impacts on local taxing authorities.


"There is no imminent health threat."

Al Gray, director of environmental health for the Hernando County Health Department, responding to a recent report on soil and water contamination at a former public works depot in South Brooksville.


"Just because they're not seeing dirt moved on the site doesn't mean that people aren't working behind the scene."

Pamala Vazquez of the state Department of Environmental Protection, assuring residents near the dump site that cleanup efforts are proceeding.


"You would see such a huge decline in the amount of money kids are getting if you guys weren't here."

Taryn Miller, a senior at Central High School, applauding the efforts of a group of parents who helped bring in $4.8-million in scholarship offers to students at the school this year.


"I think it would behoove (the counties in) the merger that took place a few years ago to separate."

State Sen. Mike Fasano, acknowledging that it may be time for a split between Hernando and Pasco counties in the Early Learning Coalition.


"This is a good place to calm yourself and think about what you want to do."

Galvin Walsh, a second-grade student at Challenger K-8 School of Science and Mathematics, speaking of a new pond at the school.