Six teens arrested in holdup in Ybor

The 13- to 16-year-olds face armed robbery, burglary and kidnapping charges.

By the Times staff
Published May 20, 2007

TAMPA -- Six teens, ages 13 to 16, are accused of robbing a group of five people at gunpoint Friday night at Fifth Avenue and 14th Street in Ybor City, Tampa police said.

About 11:30 p.m., six males approached the group of three women and two men.

According to police, Quincorius Everett, 16, pointed a gun at one of the victims and said, "Give it up!"

The victims handed over cell phones, cash, a purse and credit cards.

When 27-year-old Monique Legault gave up her cash but refused to give up her purse, police said, Everett told an accomplice, "Do it!"

One of the teens then punched Legault in the head, grabbed her purse and all six teens ran.

A patrol officer called to the scene ran after the teens and tackled Everett, who dropped his gun on the pavement. The others continued toward Tampa Park housing complex, officials said.

Officers then swarmed into the housing complex, where a witness reported seeing the teens run into an apartment.

The police called the apartment, where 22-year-old Alicia Cooper answered the phone and said she could not talk, authorities said.

When the police called again, a young male answered the phone.

Police told him to leave the apartment.

Three of the teens then left the apartment, and the two others came out after police threatened to send in dogs.

When police searched the residence, two handguns were found in the toilet and the stolen property was recovered.

Cooper told police that her apartment door had been open when the five armed teenagers ran in, locked her door and would not let her leave.

All six -- including Lawrence Rodgers, 13, Gavin Peterson, 16, Marquise Kelly, 14, Markeis Levatte, 15, and Michael Chad Everett, 14 -- were arrested and charged with armed robbery, armed burglary and armed kidnapping.