Today's Letters: Push Citizens to help us save

Published May 20, 2007

Sen. Victor Crist and Rep. Will Weatherford, please arrange so that Citizens Insurance, the people's insurance company, will allow the people of Florida to insure themselves and save.

Citizens Insurance could do so by using deferred annuities, reinsurance and other practical, innovations. Please free us from mega-insurance companies.

Al and Frances Mander, Dade City


Not all female veterans are old 

As tea flows, so do veterans' wartime memories May 13 Andrew Skerritt column

I thank Andrew Skerritt for his column on women veterans, But, Mr. Skerritt, you don't have to look for women veterans only in nursing homes. Look around Pasco County.

WAVES National has an active unit for Navy women. The Women Marines has a group, as does the WACs.

Those of us who were in the Air Force (I had 24 years) wanted to start a group for WAF, but most of us are too busy with other organizations to have the extra time.

Of course, many of us are getting old, but we still have some of the younger women joining our groups. As the American Legion service officer at the New Port Richey VA Outpatient Clinic, I meet young ladies coming back from Iraq. I also see women who were in Desert Storm and other conflicts.

However, as with the men, many of the younger women don't want to join the old fogies, who, they think, do nothing but sit around and rehash old times.

Wrong, ladies. Check us out. You will find some really hard workers.

So, again, thank you Andrew for your column. But, don't bury us yet. We are still trying.

Kathryn L. Robinson, New Port Richey


God bless that bitter letter writer 

You're welcome, apathetic parents May 18 letter

Thank you to the letter writer for all of the kind words extended toward our students and for all of his taxes spent on these frivolous beings.

What a waste of his money. I am so sorry. I know not even receiving the survey was a turning point in my life. I, of course, never pay taxes, buy food etc. My hand is always out for the government to give me, give me.

My child and I are grateful we do not do community work in his neighborhood. His is a bitter, man and will probably be that way until his last breath is taken. May God Bless him anyway, unless he is mad at God also.

Dee Morva, Hudson


Painter story inappropriate 

Artistic exposure May 14 story

What ever happened to the paint brush?

I could not believe what I was reading. I think this was outrageous. I'm a person who believes to each his own, but on the front page? If anything, why not on another page? What's next, a half-nude man, using his penis to paint? What ever happened to happy news?

I'm disappointed in the Pasco Times.

Deborah Leder, Port Richey


Bring on the nude stories, photos

As I ate my breakfast and opened the May 16 edition of the Pasco Times, I was appalled and offended by the picture of an elderly woman posing in her bathing suit awaiting my unaware and unprepared eyes. I believe that such material is unacceptable and should not be viewed by those who can damaged by those types of pictures: middle-aged men such as myself.

Please continue to run excellent and intellectual articles such as the one from May 14 discussing nudist painters who communicate to the world and share their successes through art.

Please be sure that pictures are attached to said articles to enhance the quality of the articles and enlighten the reader.

Mike Smith, Hudson

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